Since the advent of the internet, it has become a whole lot easier to share ideas and spread information to the world. Blogging is an excellent way of doing this, not only is it very impactful but it is also highly addictive! Contrary to the common misconception, starting a blog is a task which may be easier than what you might have expected. If you are just trying to get a foothold in the vastly popular world of blogging then you might want to start out with a free blog hosting website.

Alternatively you could learn how to create a self-hosted WordPress blog. Self-hosted gets you the advantage of being able to take your entire site with you, not just the content, if there’s a problem with your host.

Planning is one of the most important steps here. If you intend to have a good blog then you should plan it well. While the setting-up part is quite a cakewalk, the actual challenge lies in what you feed to your blog readers. Keep in mind that internet surfers are highly impatient, if they don’t like what they’re reading within the first ten seconds then chances are, they are going to exit the blog and never return to it again!

Apart from posting interesting content on your blog you also need to find ways to attract traffic to your website in order to keep it alive and thriving. During the initial stage you can share the link to your blog site on your social media accounts and encourage your friends to visit the blog site. Once you blog picks up popularity, it will automatically attract more readers and soon you will have a huge army following your blog posts, that is, if they are interesting.